Zimbabwe Fuel Crisis

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what if i took your smartphone for a day, or lets say you went on holiday in the dunes of sahara and your wifi router suddenly broke? where we live in a century that we can’t do without internet.. you’ll probably pass out from your own boredom.

that’s the current situation were having in Zimbabwe right now or as we like it to call it in south Africa zim. president mnangawa has had total shutdown of social media such that no one is able to post whats going on within the country. and it could quickly escalate to shutting the whole internet in the country. and now police are reportedly beating people in their homes moving from door to door

Zimbabwe is one of the few african countries who looks like they’ve gone just through everything since getting their independence in 1980. from just having a single president till 2017, their currency being the worst in the world, buying a piece of loaf with a whole wheelbarrow full of cash and now they are experiencing the worst fuel crisis ever. same thing that brought protests in France for nearly a month, South Africa and in Kenya too,, i guess this the new normal

This the problem we face in Africa voting in wrong leaders, who don’t care about their people but their own selfish interests.
in a tweet 2days ago Mnangagwa says he chose to act decisively so to say with fuel hike by 300% thats from a dollar to 3 dollars

i don’t wanna add more to this you already got the bigger picture. soon there will be a lot of people seeking refuge in neighbouring countries like south africa.. ramaphosa could consider building a wall.

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