Why Youtube is Demonetizing Channels

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Monetization page when waiting for YPP review

If you’re reading this, Chances are you’re one of the Channels affected by the recent demonetization wave 🌊 or you’ve seen everywhere people complain about their channel getting fully demonetized. At the time of writing my Channel still lies demonetized with nearly 30k subs

What YouTube says:

Everyone now receives this notice after being demonetized

As usual and it’s now common knowledge, that YouTube will always experimentaly act first on whatever they want to do without informing anyone else and when the results later comes out as a negative — which has always been the case with some kind of uproar on their Twitter handles. That’s when they publish a writing trying to explain, which unfortunately most of the time gives little information and never turns out to be helpful for alot of creators.

Concerning this recent channel demonetization or should I say ad-pocalypse YouTube this long Long statement by Jordan to say through their help forum. Not even their creators blog. Check it out.

Why this is happening?

Honestly I have no idea, being one of the affected youtubers myself. This entirely lie under the YouTube management/staff and their algorithm.. which you possibly got tired of hearing. If only algorithm could speak for itself. Only then could we understand all these changes that happen at YouTube since it was established I don’t know when.Nevertheless, I have few theories which pushes me whenever I see the random demonetization on channels.

 YouTube is broke – In late “17 rumors flew everywhere that YouTube was dead and no one really believed it. Until the apocalypse started and people saw it as a way the billion dollar company was using to avoid paying creators of their hard earned money. But I still could not process it until one day YouTube decided to delay creators pay by 6 days on November of 2018 few months after making changes to the YPP- YouTube partner Program. that I knew something was seriously wrong.

Algorithm- I’m really tired of YouTube always apologizing and stating it was a mistake on their part because of some algorithm. This could be responsible for the demonetization mess right now. Why can’t they just hire more human save this creators to company conflict. I’m sure given that position I can review 500 channels a day that’s 15k at the end of the month. Now imagine all the employees at google solving this in a day… or get the people who did the coding and reverse whatever they did there. Algorithm can’t be an excuse every other day when some mess is done at YouTube.

Article 13- This is a flimsy excuse. YouTube itself seems to be against it telling creators of the impending doom if it was to happen could negatively affect YouTube by cutting off millions of people in the EU from their service. But how could they be telling us this when Youtube itself looks to have began cleansing by demonetization of random channels even those not in the EU?

I could come up with a billion theories but the truth will always lie within YouTube’s Opaque offices. But you get the picture lots of people who depended on YouTube some for income are being screwed over.

Any Solution/Help?

The solution at this point is not clear. YouTube help only gives bot auto generated replies doesn’t do much. As for what I have seen people are creating new Twitter accounts because that’s the only way if you are lucky that you could get help directly without waiting for hours.

As pewds did put it in a video ; Most of the time it requires you to get their attention that would only be achieved through a series of tweets with massive retweets and likes and Just hope for the best as there are many creators like You and I facing same issue out there

Pewdiepie addresses the recent sporadic demonetization of channels

What next?

Let’s wait and see..At this point I’m exhausted of righting knowing Google with their powers will surpress this it anyway. So Just share😉

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