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Truth Be Told:

1. The Luo nation has suffered most at the hand of the state for the sake of other communities for the past 55 years

2. We have lost prominent men like Robert Ouko, Tom Mboya, Chrispine Mbai, Argwings Kodhek, Chris Msando et cetera who were murdered by the state.

3. We lost people in 2007 and in 2017 Baby Pendo, Felix, the 18 year old kid selling ice and other 200 who just form statistics of death.

4. Raila Odinga himself has been detained, tortured, rigged but has ended up forgiving because he is also a human being.

5. His swearing in was termed as an ethnic coronation of a Luo elder by the same very people he thought were supporting him.

6. Even his so called co principal froze out at the last minute, those from the lake were the only ones who were present, the likes of TJ and Orengo and maybe Malala and Khaniri.

7. Over the years, we have been taking bullets for other communities who end up calling us poor, tin-god worshippers and slum dwellers.

8. Today even the parties that couldn’t offer financial, material or even strategic support are the ones bashing Mr. Odinga.

9. It is time we fight for our economic wherewithal as the Luo people before embarking in fighting the state, we cannot exchange for with bullets and guns.

10. The Kamba and Luhya community also have men and women, let them take the mantle of the fight if they have the capacity.

11. Raila Odinga has made a personal decision, as a follower you also have the right to make a personal decision, to follow him or abandon him.

12. Our purpose in life as a Luo nation was not to be killed, condemned as violent people and anarchists by the same people we are fighting.

13. Kila mtu abebe msalaba yake, if you are not satisfied with Raila’s political decision you can pick up from where you think he left and fight.

14. Most of us complaining here, apart from posting on Facebook, cannot even point to a single day when they appeared for a demo, rally, solidarity calls, court cases, or even voluntary support.

We cannot be breeding orphans, widows and widowers just because we want to fight a government owning lethal weapons yet we are only wielding stones

~ Manaseh Nyainda

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