The Last Rains in Nairobi Was a Wake up Call

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Kenya Kenya,,
Why do we have to keep suffering from the same calamities year in year out?
Look here,

we know in the recent past Kenya has had seasonal drought atleast since “98.
We don’t need to step into a Geog class to know that after droughts there’s always gonna be a heavy down pour. Even in the hottest deserts there’s sporadic rainfall. If you say Geography was boring take reference from your bible you’ll see God sent rainfall to Ahab through Elijah after avery long drought. In short God will never abandon.
When it rains atleast for 6 hours Nairobi quickly changes from a city to a temporary lake with all main roads to the city looking like seasonal rivers,then everyone starts asking God why he brought heavy downpour i mean why should you ask such a thing in the 1st place??, flooding in Nairobi is our self made problem and imma tell you why.

  1. +Nairobi as a city was designed for early settlers and temporary estate they new they were leaving and so they wasn’t designing for upcoming population. Blaming the 1st urban planners is not an option.
  2. + Our rivers and drainage are used for the wrong purposes, instead of channelling water they’re used to flow sewages and industrial effluents then you wonder why you never see fish or snakes in our waters Nairobi River should be desilted ( remove mud from it and make it deeper that will considerably reduce bursting.. Our drainages beside the road are filled with plastic bottles, pampers and used condoms no wonder that shit won’t flow, and instead the county Askaris are outchea chasing after hawkers.
  3. +Rapid development is another, am not against development but atleast we be developing with an open mind? Why don’t we hear floods after rain in 1st world countries? Flooding in itself is an overflow that has not gotten into the soil, look, everywhere where building tarmacs with poor drainage and tall sky scrappers yet we’re not thinking about building parks,,I mean do you even understand why wangari mathai named a place freedom corner?, why she was given a Nobel? Cities without parks are even boring than tall crowded sky scrappers. Infact the presence of tall buildings create a small micro climate and brings rainfall.. Same as mountains. So as we develop lets think about mother nature, remember no one has ever retaliated worse than her, we can’t beat it.
  4. +finally among many reasons let’s build dams along our rivers and not clearing trees to building one. Remember there’s alot of water going into waste now. Harvest. We will cry for it later.

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