Why Kalonzo and Mudavadi are doomed to fail

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Today, I sincerely feel sorry for Kalonzo and Mudavadi. These two leaders were poised for great things. They were regarded as top States Men. Up to 2006, Kalonzo was poised to take over from Kibaki, after all opinion polls put his ratings at between 40- 48%.
In 2017, they gave their all to Raila. They made huge sacrifices to please Raila.
Mudavadi was used to read all manner of ridiculous statements.
Now they are no longer needed.
Had they not been there, Raila would have remained a Luo leader.
Raila is sending very junior political boys to attack the two leaders.
I’m shocked to see my MP Sam Atandi attacking Kalonzo. Atandi had to rely on the corrupt ODM machinery to steal the Alego ODM nominations from Omondi Muluan, First time Kakamega Senator Malala nominated MP Osotsi are now calling senior leaders like Kalonzo names. Newly selected ODM Sec Gen who couldn’t even win a simple nomination in his home and had to bootlick Raila to be given Nairobi Senator ticket, and lost is now giving ultimatums.
I may not agree with Kalonzo and Mudavadi, but the treatment Raila is giving them is totally inhuman.
These guys stood by Raila through thick and thin. They gave their all. Only to be dumped based on a joke called Inauguration.
Winston Churchill would have told Kalonzo and Mudavadi that ” An Appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last” Raila the crocodile has no Mercy and has no friends.

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