Joho Warns Ruto

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In the past few weeks there has been a political tussle on whether Ali Hassan Joho —the deputy party leader ODM and Mombasa Governor is a drug lord in Kenya.

What the party says:

ODM Party leaders have come up strongly to condemn these actions of witch-hunting on the Mombasa Governor citing anyone with evidence should present them to court and not bad mouthing him in public.

Jubilee leaders allied to Deputy President Ruto including Governor sang, Oscar Sudi, Aisha Jumwa among others have been named by the party to be facilitating this Agenda.

What Joho Says 

In a video speaking with the media Joho has come strongly to defend himself from these allegations. He stated that these were all William Ruto’s Doing adding because he said he is corrupt deputy president and that he was hiding behind feeble political figures who were unknown to him. He further stated William Ruto should come clean with these allegations he supposedly started.

Governor Joho warning to Ruto

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