How to Avoid a Cold Butt Splash in public toilets

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Hi everyone it’s 7:42am and I’m bout to show you how to avoid butt splash in the public bathroom, toilet, washroom or whatever you call it.

The fact remains that no one actually expects water from the toilet sink splash on your butt.
There are many reasons why we hate this;

The most basic reasons are;

+ most public washrooms are associated with unhygienic condition, You could easily catch an infection.
+ with the cleanest of toilets, the water from the sink is usually cold gives you a bad feeling
+ you wouldn’t want your pant getting wet.

Given those few conditions then what’s the way forward.

Here are the steps

  1. -Take a few wounds pieces of toilet paper ensure it’s thick enough
  2. -drop it in the toilet sink so it covers atleast 85% of the water
  3. – when u drop off your sh*t slowly 😉
  4. -wipe then flash
  5. Good bye

I bet not a single drop reached you whatever the pressure used.
But if you are in a hurry and feel like doing all that is a waste of precious time and resources then take a quick flash to clean the bowl and deal with the cold splash, Maybe and bad smell too..

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