Geographical Tension or Floods?

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Guys i know Kenyans are silly, but please don’t post your stupidity on social media. To me, What happened at mai mahiu is not the result of floods or heavy rain and it’s a shame even some major news outlets reported it as so.

Geography  taught me mai mahiu lies under active volcanic site with hot magma underneath and is known as place of hot water hence its name was coined.. Mai – water mahiu – hot . well, these activities briablization of the earth’s crust bringing a lot of tension. Such often activities are common to result in earthquakes in seismic zones or tremors for our case..
Because of this heat underneath and high tension on the surface..the water from the rains act as cooling agent bringing about powerful cracks and drifts which is what you see there.(Either way it could have happened during Sunshine) to release the tension which would have been more violent as the ground was rigid. This The same way rift valley was formed, and continents in a higher magnitude. We all know how erosions from floods look like; gully and sheet and non looks like it notice the small islands at the centre? If that was water, it would all be swept away.

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Only Geographers can comment so as to correct

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