FKF President Is Wasting Kenyan Talents

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Paul Put says;

I was requested to take Kenya to play in Algeria by the president of USM Algier who is also the vice president of the country’s federation.

He told me he could invite us to play Algeria and they would pay everything for all 32 people.

I sent him mail suggesting 44 people, and he agreed everything and signed, then I gave the proposal to FKF President (Nick Mwendwa) but he was afraid that they would be too strong for us, saying we look for other opponents. They (FKF) have a match agent they are working with and were making a fool of me. FKF suggested Angola but no documentation was forthcoming from the federation.

“I contacted another agent who contacted Luxembourg that were to pay for everything. For me, friendlies are not about winning but to help me see my team’s weaknesses and to learn, I had those options but they were rejected. If you are to prepare for a team like Ghana, you need strong opposition. Algeria and Luxembourg wanted to play my team for free because of my strong contacts with them but FKF officials said those were stronger opponents,”

When is kenya going to take the talents of new and existing athletes seriously? I mean this was a big exposure missed just like that

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