Chances of Destiny Episode 5

🕑 3 Mins

“What do you mean he owes you your life?” Their mum, Jane, asked.

“He came to rescue me. None of you bothered taking any action, sat waiting for a ransom call which was never to come. Were it not for Felix, I would probably be in a container going to be sold for slavery.” Anne said.

They all bent their heads in shame. There was a moment of silent before Anne talked again.

“What a shame, my driver almost died trying to save me and as if not enough, even before he is healed, risks his life again for me yet my so called family are busy saying how evil he is and firing him. Shame on all of you.” Anne said now anger getting the better of her.

“Ma’am its oky. It is my duty to make sure you are safe, I was just doing my job.” I said politely.

Diana could not bare the shame, she left and went to the house. Anne left too and went to her room. I was left with Mr. George and his wife.

“Felix, am sorry for everything. Thank you for bringing my girl home. I will cater for the car and for saving my daughter I will give you a gift.” Mr. George said.

“Sir, I was just protecting my boss, it’s my job.” I replied.

“No Felix, your job is to drive her around.” He said.

“Yes sir, you are right, but her safety out there is my responsibility too.” I said.

I wish I could say the same about Diana. Mr. George excused himself, went to the house and told me to wait for him.

He then came back with a box, he handed over the box to me and said,

“Here is my thank you gift for saving Anne’s life.” He said.

“What’s this sir?” I asked curiously.

“Why don’t you open the box and see for yourself.” He said.

I opened the box and found a car key and a log book. It was the key to his favourite car, the Lexus.

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