Chances of Destiny Episode 5

🕑 3 Mins


Diana was seated under a shelter near the swimming pool. She was the first to see us, she came running shouting Anne’s name.

She acted as if I was an invisible ghost, assumed my presence and hugged Anne.

Mr. George had flown back home after he heard the news of her daughter being kidnapped. After he heard Diana shouting Anne’s name, he walked out of the house, Jane followed him from behind.

“I thought I told you that your services are no longer required in this premises?” Mr. George shouted at me.

Anne pushed Diana away, stepped forward and stood in front of me.

“Why Diana? What did Felix ever do to you?” She asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Anne!” Diana said, trying to play innocent

“Don’t try playing angel with me! Yes! He crushed the BMW but unlike you, he is not cold hearted!” Anne said.

“Dad you want to know what happened to your car? I watched Felix roll in it after the tyres were shot when he was trying to follow the guys who had kidnapped me! He got injured trying to save my life! Something even your so called angel daughter could not do!” Anne added, now getting bitter.

“Is it true Felix?” Mr. George asked.

“Yes Sir, am sorry I wrecked the car. My salary for this month can cover for the damages I caused.” I said.

“No Felix, I will pay for the car myself if I have to, I owe you my life.” Anne said.

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