Chances of Destiny Episode 10

🕑 3 Mins


I pulled the handbrake then swerved the car to the left to try and evade the man. It was too late, the edge of the car hit the man right on his waist, he was flying in the air then landed on the highway.

The car was about to roll when I swerved it back to the right and we landed on the ditch.

Were it not for the airbags, Anne and I would be in a critical condition, if not dead. Nevertheless, the man was badly hit, he lay on the highway, motionless.

Due to shock, Anne passed out. I had gone through worse than this, I was fine, just a scratch on my cheek.

I got out of the car to go and check on the man lying lifeless on the highway. When I felt his pulse, his heart was still beating.

The man could not make it if we had to wait for an ambulance since he needed medical attention fast. A lady driving a Mercedes pulled over.

“Excuse me sir, what happened?” She asked.

“My brakes failed then this man came out of nowhere, before I could swerve the car, he was already too near, nothing I could have done.” I said.

“Wait a minute, I know you! Are you not Mr. George’s driver?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am, I am, actually I was driving his daughter to a business summit.” I answered.

“Is she hurt?” The lady asked.

“I don’t think so though she is unconscious.” I replied.

“Here, take my car and take the two for medical assistance, I will handle the police and get the car moved to the garage.” The lady said.

I took the man, lay him on the back seat, took Anne, sat her on the front seat and drove off to the hospital.

The lady seemed to know Mr. George pretty well since she was willing to do all that for him. What I could not figure out was how the brakes failed.

The cars would be taken for maintenance every month, the previous day, I tested the car and it was all fine. Brakes do not just fail!

I managed to get the man and Anne to the hospital in time. The man was taken to the casualties wing and started to be treated.

Anne was taken to the X-ray room, they needed to examine her to be sure. About thirty minutes later, the doctor came, I did not like the look on his face.

“Are you the one who brought Anne and Dan?” He asked.

“Yes, how are they?” I asked feeling tensed.

“Am sorry sir, I wish I had better news.” The doctor said.

“What do you mean Doc?” I asked, now a sharp fear ranging across my chest.

“We were able to stabilize Dan though he is in a comma, not sure if he will wake up. As for Anne, she was hit in the head, we are not sure yet the extensive of the head injury until she is awake. We fear though that she might be having internal bleeding, we will need to cat scan her after she is awake.” The Doc said.

I sat there confused not knowing what to do. I started Praying for both Anne and Dan to wake up. After I was done praying, the lady who gave me her car walked in and stood in front of me.

“All will be fine, they will recover.” She said calmly.

“How did you know I brought them here? I asked.

“You used my car remember, I can trace my car! 2ndly, this is Mr. George’s family hospital, his family always gets treatment here” She said.

A nurse then came seeking to talk to the person paying Dan’s Bill. I raised my hand and she said

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