Chances of Destiny Episode 9

🕑 3 Mins

“Morning Felo.” She said smiling.

“Morning too ma’am. You have never called me that.” I said smiling back.

“Hehehe, maybe your kiss yesterday made me forget your full name.” She laughed and said.

There was a moment of silent, we stared at each other for a couple of minutes both of us smiling like idiots.

Anne walked closer to me, put her arms around my neck and pecked my cheeks. She really had soft lips.

This time I was one hundred percent sure what her intentions were, I grabbed her by the waist and pinned her to the wall.

She locked her legs behind my back and we started kissing. I felt outta this world, Anne was an extreme kisser.

I carried her to the bed, she removed my vest and started caressing my chest. As you very well know, feelings are very stupid, they got no manners.

One thing led to the other and Anne was listening to the rhythm of my heartbeat. I just could not get enough of her, before we could know, it was already 11am in the morning.

Mr. George and Jane had already left with Edwin, they took Anne’s car as planned.

“Should you not be at the summit ma’am.” I asked her.

Despite what happened between us, Anne was still my boss and I still respected her.

“Am sorry I forgot to tell you, the summit was rescheduled to the afternoon.” She said smiling

“Very well then. You should go and get prepared so that you don’t late.” I said, smiling back.

Anne left and went to prepare herself. I went to have my shower too so as to be ready to drive her to the summit. About half an hour later, Anne was ready and so was I.

I had checked and tested the BMW the previous day so I was sure it was fit for a fast drive, we had thirty minutes to get to the summit.

Anne got into the car and we left. At the highway, I maintained an average speed of around 120km/h, Mr. George had really modified this car after his wife started using it.

We got to a junction where we had to branch and take the next exit to get to the summit. I required to slow down so as to take the roundabout, I applied the brakes but the car could not slow down, I tried pressing the break pedal more harder and the car just slowed to 100km/h.

I could manage to take the corner at that speed since the car was stable then worry about stopping it later.

I was just about to take the corner when a man out of nowhere started crossing the road just a few metres ahead of the car.

Find out what happened to the Man in the next episode.


Episode 10 up next.

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