Chances of Destiny Episode 9

🕑 3 Mins


I decided to go and face my fate, I went to hear what Mr. George wanted to tell me.

“Where were you, I have been calling you with no reply?” He asked.

“Am sorry sir, I was indoors, I did not hear you call me at first.” I replied calmly.

“It’s okay. I called you to tell you that my Lexus has a Mechanical problem and I was planning to go for a Vacation with Jane.” He said.

“Sir, I can take the Lexus to the garage, when is your vacation please?” I asked

“I already sent Edwin to take it but it might take a while there so I called you to inform you that we will use Anne’s car tomorrow, you will drive the BMW so get it washed.” He said.

My heart could now calm down, he knew nothing about me and Anne. I gave him the Key to the Audi and left to wash the BMW.

I had already prepared the Audi so Edwin would just take the Key from Mr. George and drive them to their vacation the following day.

I finished preparing the BMW and went to rest. I was to take Anne to the summit during the midmorning.

I decided to sleep early since I had nothing to do. The following day I woke up earlier than usual, I drew the curtains and enjoyed the soothing rays of the rising sun.

I was enjoying the beautiful view from the window when I saw Anne pass by jogging. She used to make morning runs to keep fit.

Unlike other days, she was in a booty short and a vest. I stood there gazing at her, could not hold my fantasies. As she neared my window, she saw me standing at the window.

She stopped jogging, looked at me then smiled. I smiled back and waved at her.

She changed her direction and headed for my door, she knocked and came in since the door was unlocked.

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