Chances of Destiny Episode 8

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She stopped kissing me then looked at me, shock written all over her face.

“Did you expect someone Felix?” She ask.

“You really think I would expect someone when I just kissed the most beautiful lady who happens to be my boss? I asked smiling.

“Jokes aside, I cant be seen here Felix, what do we do?” She asked, now frightened.

Before I could answer her, the person at the door said,

“Hey Felo, it’s me, Edwin. I need a favour from you bro, open up please.”

Phewks! Atleast it was not Diana or Mr. George.

“Hold on a minute Edwin, am coming.” I said.

Anne went under the bed then I dropped the duvet covers just till they touched the floor. I then went and opened the door, Edwin came in.

“Bro, I need you to do me a favour please.” He said.

“Which favour?” I asked.

“Your are close to Mr. George, right?” He asked.

“Yes, why ask?” I replied, now getting curious.

“I have some personal staffs I need to attend to, I will need a week off and as you know Diana cant convince her dad to give me the one week off, that’s why I came to you.”

We used to get along pretty well with Edwin so I agreed to persuade Mr. George to give him a week off.

“Thanks man, you are the best.” He said.

“Don’t thank me yet, thank me after it’s done.” I said.

“By the way Felix, do you use the same spray as that of Madam Anne?” Edwin asked.

“Why did you ask me that? I asked, now tension building up.

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