Babu Owino Warns Jubilee Politicians and Affiliates Over Joho’s Case

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Babu Owino, Member of Parliament for Embakasi East has come forward to warn Members of Parliament and other politicians (Gov Sang, Oscar Sudi, Aisha Jumwa) from messing with Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho who is also ODM deputy party leader. In a press briefing Babu Owino Called an end to this Witch hunt stating anyone with evidence should just come up and present it to court.

Babu Owino press statement and Warning

What is this Witch hunt?

Well, according to these politicians Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is allegedly a drug dealer Facilitating  the sell of drugs along the coast . The Governor has since come up to reject all these  allegations. Allegations had  since began long when the governor was still Member of Parliament and George Saitoti was still a Member of Parliament.

How Many People we’re mentioned?

Surprisingly of the list that was mentioned by Saitoti report in Parliament that formed the basis of all these allegations it was not only Mombasa Governor who was mentioned, but alot others who are also now governors for the governing party. But the reason why they picked only Joho for this drug war in the recent time ever since the allegations were made many years back. Still remains a  mystery 

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