The Crafted Surreptitious Prince 1

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AUTHOR: George Haman


Just like any other night, I wished that the sun never rose since my life was better at night than during the day.

Being from an humble family, I had to get a job to cater for my needs. Through the help of a friend; I got a job at Laxsmart Resort as a waiter.

I was a waiter at the sports bar inside the resort and I spent my nights selling drinks to the rich kids and their families.

Unlike most of my colleagues, I had no wife nor children. Together with the other few living single, we were allocated the night shift.

It was not the kind of life I ever dreamt of but, I had no choice.

Sunday night it was, the bar was all full and that meant something to me since the tips came in handy.

It was a pretty busy night, all tables were occupied and I was on a double shift; I was totally exhausted.

At around 2am in the morning, the tables I was serving were less busy hence I felt much better.