🕑 9 Mins

………….”Babe, you have done so much for me. The little profit I used to make daily, I would bank half of it. You remember our last sale at my business? We made a huge profit, I oversaw my target by far and that is the money I am treating you with. Actually I already paid for your car love, I already cleared the outstanding balance, you can pick it up anytime.”

She smiled and said, “Thanks love. I just spent a little more than my usual this month.”

“Babe, Faith, I have something to tell you two.” I said smiling.

“What is it?” They asked in unison.

“I have already published the 1st phase of my book, Francis had a friend by the name Bernard; he owned a publishing company. Courtesy of Francis, Bernard published my book at a fair price. I have only six chapters remaining and the book will be fully published.” I said.

“Wow! Babe that is really good news! Am proud of you love.” Maureen said.

“I now see why champagne. Congratulations Haman, make sure the first two copies are ours.” Faith added smiling.

“I sure will give you two the first copies of the book.” I replied

It was past midnight, we had to go home; I had just stood up when it started raining heavily.

Maureen suggested we just wait for the rain to subsidies then we leave, her wish was always my command. We sat there giving stories. Just then a man walked in and caught everyone’s attention. He had a black raincoat, a black hut and wore black gloves in his palms.

He looked familiar though I was not so sure if it was the person I perceived. The guy looked around and spotted our table. He started walking towards our table. I was not wrong, I had seen him before. It was Ricky, the guy from the boutique.