🕑 3 Mins

Before I started walking away from the window, I crossed my eyes to the left side of the bed they were lying on and saw familiar clothes.

I had seen that set of clothes earlier that day, they were all white but the top had some ranking decorations.

That was when I knew who the lady was. I had the chance to take her in but Melina, Max and Dawson were my first priority; I had to deal with the lady later.

I took out my phone, removed the flashlight and the camera sound then video taped the two as they made love to each other.

I also made sure that I captured their clothes as well and then I saved the recording and tiptoed away from the window; Nicole followed.

“Why did you record them?” Nicole asked.

“I think I know the lady, I just want to be sure.” I replied.

“How will you be sure yet you did not see their faces?” She asked.

“All I needed was the voices my dear and she was screaming loud enough for my phone to record her voice. Once the voices are ran through the recognition software, it will give me their identity.” I replied.

“You are damn smart; it feels nice being your partner.” Nicole said as she untied her hair and smiled.

I then heard footsteps approaching, we had to take cover. Beside us, there was a room which used to be stored the hospital’s linen; we quickly got into the room and locked ourselves inside.

Nicole kept on staring at me, she was seated opposite me. She then removed her sweater and her top.