🕑 3 Mins


AUTHOR: George Haman.

Just then I heard some noises in the next room, someone was groaning.

“Did you here that?” I asked Nicole whispering.

“Yeah, someone is in the next room.” She replied.

We tiptoed to the window and peeped to the inside of the room. It was a ward with two hospital beds. The bed on the left was empty; on the other bed, there was a lady lying there almost all naked.

I did not have a clear view of her but I could see a man kneeling besides her touching her body; the lady was tied on the bed.

I looked around and saw a mask on the floor and an AK47 beside the mask, I immediately knew the man was a thug.

“We have to help her Jack, she is being raped.” Nicole whispered as she approached the door.

“Nicole wait! I don’t think she is being raped, it is out of her own will.” I said whispering.

“What makes you think so?” She asked as she stopped.

“Come see for yourself.” I replied.

The man slowly removed the lady’s inner wear and instead of her resisting, she smiled and said,

“I chose you because you always drive me crazy Darling.”

Nicole could not believe her eyes; she had never seen anything like that before. The man got on top of the lady; I had to stop watching and proceed with the search for Melina and the other two.