🕑 3 Mins

“Nicole do you know how to use a gun?” I asked handing her the pistol.

She did not reply, instead she took the pistol and changed the magazine then corked it.

“You must be military, how did you end up being a nurse?” I asked her, judging from how she changed the magazine.

“I once went for a peace keeping mission and I almost died. When I came back to my country, I resigned and decided to be a nurse since I had the paramedics training.” Nicole replied.

I forgot that my leg was in pain and I was now walking on my own though I was limping. I had to make sure that Melina, Max and Dawson were safe.

“Go hide yourself somewhere safe, I will be back for you.” I told Nicole.

“Am sorry Jack but I do not get orders from you. Wherever you go, I go and that is final.” Nicole replied.

“I have to find my friends and I do not want to put your life at risk.” I said.

“I have gone for several missions, I have seen worse than this, I can handle myself.” Nicole replied.

“Instead of wasting time here arguing, let us go find your friends before these thugs find them.” She added.

“Stay behind me.” I replied as I headed for the room which my three friends were receiving medication.

After taking the first corner, I heard someone cork a gun behind Nicole.

“Do not move both of you; slowly put away your guns and put your hands on your heads.” A male voice said.

I threw away my gun and took my hands in the air. I then slowly turned my head and saw the nurse looking at me; she was still holding her gun.

There was a huge man wearing a mask behind her, he was pointing a gun on her head.