🕑 3 Mins


AUTHOR: George Haman.

“What is going on nurse?” I asked curiously.

Before she could answer my question, I heard gunshots. The nurse helped me get out of the bed and held me on her shoulders to support me. After we got out of the room, I saw two men with covered faces coming towards us; they were armed with AK47 guns.

I had left my gun at the reception of the hospital since only the guards were allowed to have guns while in the premises.

“How comes we are under attack so easy yet the headquarters is the most security tight facility?” I asked the nurse.

“I do not know how they managed to break the gate with all the military security at the gate.” The nurse said.

“I don’t think they used the front gate or any other gate. Is there any other way someone can access this facility other than the gates?” I asked.

“There was a tunnel in the store but it was permanently closed.” The nurse replied.

“Where does it lead?” I asked.

“To the City Market.” The nurse replied.

“That is how they got in, someone from the inside betrayed us. I left my gun at the reception; do you know where I can get one?” I asked the nurse.

She raised her dress and removed a pistol from her stocking, I was perplexed.

“How the hell did you get a gun?” I asked her.

“I grabbed it at the reception after I heard gunshots.” She replied.

That was when I looked at her chest and saw her name tag, her name was Nicole. Before we could find a place to hide, I saw one of the men with face masks just a few meters behind us. I quickly corked the pistol and took him out; I then took his gun and armor.