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AUTHOR: George Haman.

“Last week I came across Claris’ files and they were marked deceased. I asked Nillan about it and she told me that Claris had been shot in the line of duty.” I said.

“She might be a different Claris sir.” Frank replied.

“Okay, Nurse let her in please.” I said to the nurse.

After the nurse walked out, the lady walked in, she was the very same Claris I was referring to.

“Claris?!! How come you are still alive yet your files read deceased?” I asked with a trembling voice.

“Am not dead Jack. The force wanted me to fake my death so that I could go undercover outside the town so I faked it.” Claris said smiling.

“Was Nillan aware of all this?” I asked.

“Yes, I was aware Jack.” I heard a female’s voice reply from the door.

I turned my head and looked towards the door and there stood my commanding officer, Nillan.

“Why did you not tell me when I asked about it ma’am?” I asked calmly.

“Because we needed her cover not to be compromised.” Nillan replied.

“So that is why I cannot get any information about Melina Jack and the driver?” I asked sounding rude.

“His name is Dawson.” Nillan said.

“Whose name?” I asked.

“The driver’s name.” Nillan replied.

“Who the hell are they?” I asked.

“Am sorry Jack but there are orders from above. Only Frank knows their real identities and he has orders never to reveal their identities, not even to me.” Nillan said.