🕑 3 Mins


AUTHOR: George

“Sir, get down now!” Frank shouted.

“Why? What is going on?” I asked Perplexed.

“Just get your head down now!” Frank shouted.

Immediately I lowered my heard, I head a big bang. The vehicle we were in then swerved and we almost lost control. Frank was not only a skilled soldier but also a skilled driver since he managed to save the car from overturning.

There was a truck behind us which was the cause of the big bang, it had hit us from behind.

“Frank, what is going on?” I asked.

“We are being attacked.” Frank said.

“By who?” I asked with a shocked voice.

“Am not sure sir but the truck behind us is not a friendly one. It did not hit us by accident, it was intentional.” Frank replied.

“How did you know that the truck was hostile even before it hit us from behind?” I asked.

“Sir, the truck has been following us for the last twenty minutes but it was maintaining some distance. All of a sudden, it started speeding and instead of shifting to the next lane to overtake us, it was headed for us. It was too late for me to accelerate and evade it since the truck was at top speed.” Frank said.

“We have to stop that truck, do you have a gun?” I asked.

Frank opened the dashboard and pulled out a pistol, it was a military designed.

“How many rounds does it have?” I asked.

“Twelve including the one in the chamber.” Frank said.

I lowered the rear right window and aimed at the truck. I fired the first shot which was aimed for the driver but the windshield was bulletproof.

“Do you have a more powerful gun?” I asked Frank.

He smiled and opened the dashboard again. He then took out a short gun loaded with a grenade.

“Who are you? Cops do not use such kind of guns!” I exclaimed.

“That one is not my duty gun; it is licensed under my name.”  Frank replied.