🕑 3 Mins


AUTHOR: George Haman.

Max helped me put him into the trunk of the car then we got into the car. Melina sat beside me at the back seat and Max sat with the driver in the front seat.  The car had a mini screen so Max dug into his pocket and took out a USB disk. He inserted it into the Mini Screen and said,

“Jack, here are the answers you are looking for.”

I sat and waited for the USB disk to read, just then a car hit us from behind. The saloon car we were in was packed on the highway hence the oncoming car from behind ran into us. Melina was hit on her head and my leg got trapped in between the front seats. I could barely move, all I could do was sit there helpless and watch Melina bleed.

Max, Melina and the driver had passed out. Max had his head hit by the dashboard while the driver had hit the steering wheel. Melina was hit by the front seat again and this time she was bleeding from her forehead. I started calling for help since I could not even help myself. A man walked to the window and peeped, he saw how helpless I was.

He opened the door and helped me remove my leg where it was stuck, I was bleeding. He took my jacket and placed it on my leg then told me to put pressure on it so as to slow the bleeding.

He then took a neck scurf and tied it around Melina’s head to slow her bleeding. He had a car parked at the side of the highway; he carried us one by one to the car and drove us to the hospital.