🕑 3 Mins


AUTHOR: George Haman.

I quickly turned and saw a man holding her by the neck with a gun pointed to her head.

“Where do you think you are going?” The guy asked.

“Come on mehn, I do not want to have any bloodshed.” I replied calmly.

“Drop your gun or I will shoot her right through the skull.” He said.

I had no choice but to surrender. If I had to take the shot, I had to shoot Melina first and that was the last thing I would do.

I decided to lower my gun and come up with a plan B since the main plan was compromised. Just before I could lower my gun, Melina using her right hand made some signals which were familiar with the cops.

They were the signals used by cops to communicate during hostages rescue missions, more so when one of them was being held hostage. I was shocked to see her do the signal so well, she definitely was either a cop or had undergone police training.

I knew she was about to make a move so I smiled like an idiot and decided to dance to her rhythm. I slowly bent to place the gun at the floor so as to take the guy’s concentration. After I placed the gun on the floor, I got up and stared at the guy, he shifted the gun from Melina’s head and pointed it at me.

“Kick the gun away from you, nice and slow.” The guy said.

I kicked the gun directly to him so that he could stop it using his leg.Melina after seeing that the guy had lost focus and was carried away by the gun I had kicked, she punched him in his eyes and grabbed his gun.