🕑 3 Mins

……there she was, Melina in a red dress, smiling as usual. I just wished I would pounce on her and tear her into pieces but because of the love I had for her, I just gave her a chance to explain all the nightmare I was experiencing at the moment.
I needed her to explain why she disappeared, how comes she was dead and alive at the same time.

“Honey, before you start attacking me, I can explain.” she said.

“Okay Melina, am all ears. Kindly inform me what the hell is going on here? Where the hell am I in the first place?” I asked with a paranoid voice.

“Jack you are somewhere safe for now. My love, I am not dead, am no ghost.” She replied.

“Then why did you disappear at the bus stop?” I asked.

Before Melina could answer my question, Max stormed into the house panting.

“We have to leave now!” He shouted.

I got more confused; at one moment I was getting answers, at the next moment I was getting more endless questions. Before I could argue that I was not leaving, I heard a gunshot and that was when I realized I could be a sprinter.

Max had given me a black buggy Jeans trouser, a T-Shirt and a Jacket since my clothes were in the laundry. I also had worn my Favorite boots.
There was a black Saloon Car waiting for us at the back gate of the safe house we were at. We got into the car and drove off.

Melina looked really stressed up, I could see it in her eyes; something was bothering her.
Love is a powerful weapon, I forgot my sorrows and there I was, comforting my alleged Ghost lover; she felt secure in my arms. We both were lost in our own thoughts, I could not tell what was in my mind but in my mind, were thoughts about her.
The thoughts were cut short by the all of a sudden halting of the car. I had not fastened my safety belt, Melina too. We hit our heads on the front seats and what followed next; I woke up in some abandoned cell.