🕑 3 Mins


AUTHOR: George Haman.

I came to and found myself in a dark room. I could not help it but think of Melina, I already was deep into her. What I could not understand was how she could be dead and alive at the same time.

While lost in my thoughts, I heard the door crack open, a fairly tall, chocolate skinned man walked in and Said,

“Finally you are awake; you have been unconscious for 3 hours.”

“Three Hours???!” I asked in shock.

“Yes, I took you after you collapsed and gave you first aid. I understand you were looking for Melina, how do you know her?” He asked.

“Sir, Melina is my love, I met her some months ago and we fell in love, when we came to visit her family, she alighted the bus before me and when I alighted, I couldn’t trace her.” I replied.

The guy stared at me for some time then smiled and said,

“Take a nap, you need to rest.”

He took some sheets in a closet opposite the bed and started walking towards the door.

“Sir, what’s your name?” I asked faintly.

“Max, my name is Max,” he said and smiled once again.

“Thank you Max for picking me up when I lost conscious.” I replied.

Max then walked out of the room and there I was, left all alone again staring at the roof. I could see the image of my Melina all over the room.

The big question in my mind was, if Melina was dead, how was it possible that I could physically touch her? I could not get any answers to my questions; instead I just got more questions.

It was about an hour later, Max came back with a trolley, he had brought me some food. I had no appetite but max in one way or another made me eat.

He gave me chicken with a sweet and sour sauce, a dish exactly like the last meal Melina and I had before she disappeared.