🕑 3 Mins

I injected her with the sleeping drug and then locked her up in that room for her own safety. I took the gun and headed to where Melina and the rest were. I was shocked to find the man that Nicole had shot earlier on was not where we left him lying and there was no blood trail.

I looked around and saw him tiptoeing towards the room Melina, Max and Dawson were. I followed him quietly as I took out a silencer from my pocket. I fixed the silencer on the gun and continued following him.

When he was about to open the door, I shot him on his back and instead of falling down, he turned and looked the direction which the bullet had come from.

I fired another shot, this time aiming for the head; the bullet launched in his skull. I then approached him before he breathed out his life and found that he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

“Bustard! So you too were playing a fool out of me together with Nicole. She shot you so that I could trust her and give her an easy chance to drug me. Too bad, your playing dead was all in vain and now I kill you myself.” I said as I added him another bullet.

I was about to open the door and walk into the room the three friends of mine were, when I heard footsteps approaching.

I quickly took cover in the next room and peeped through the door. I saw three men walking towards the room Melina, Dawson and Max were. They unlocked the door and walked in; I then walked out of the room I was hiding and tiptoed to the door they walked in through.

I peeped through the door and saw one of the men wake Dawson; he was still unconscious. The guy took out some white substance and placed it next to Dawson’s nose; he woke up sneezing.

“Sir, he is awake.” I heard the guy say.

“Good, get me the toolbox. It is about time we get all the information we require to take down the entire undercover department.” The big guy replied.

The guy who woke Dawson took a certain box and placed it on the table. The third guy then tied up Dawson on the bed and removed his clothes. I removed my gun’s magazine from the gun and checked how many rounds of armour I had left; I have enough to protect myself.