🕑 3 Mins


AUTHOR: George Haman.

In my conscious, I had a bad feeling about all this, something was making me feel that I was not at the place I should be. I decided to turn the tables and come on top of Nicole; I unexpectedly grabbed her and got her off me then pinned her to the ground, only for me to be in for a rude shock.

Nicole was holding a syringe in her right hand; when I got her off me unexpectedly, she tried hiding it but she was not fast enough.

“What were you planning to do with that?” I asked here.

“Do with what?” She replied.

“The syringe you dummy!” I said angrily.

“Nothing, I was just putting it away from where you were lying on the floor.” She replied.

“What is in that syringe?” I asked with a bitter tone.

“Water, I guess.” She replied.

I grabbed the syringe from her hand and injected her on the right thigh.

“Water you say huh? There is only one way to find out.” I said as I placed my finger at the top of the Syringe.

“Wait! It is a sleeping drug. I was paid to deceive you so that you trust me and then I drug you.” She said getting scared.

“Who paid you?” I asked.

“The guys who attacked the medical facility. They said if I don’t accept their deal, they will wipe off my entire family.” Nicole replied.

“A military lady to be blackmailed like that and you fall culprit?!” I asked.

“I lied about that too; I have never been in the military, I just wanted you to trust me. Please do not hurt me; I was just trying to save my family.” Nicole said trembling.