๐Ÿ•‘ 3 Mins

It was on a Tuesday night, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking down the streets to the house, just then I came across a sweet looking lady in a white outfit, she was wearing a white dress.

Figure, check, beauty, check, smile, brighter than the sun, in short she was like a morning star. I couldn’t resist the beautiful smile and so I decided to say Hi. She had a sweet voice, her name was Melina. I donโ€™t know if it’s the beauty in her that confused my tongue but I found myself inviting her for dinner.

She asked my name, I told her am Jack. Melina and I walked down to my place sharing our bios and in the process she mentioned she had come to Surprise her sister whom she claimed that she was living in that estate but she found the sister had moved out to another estate and her phone was off.

Like a gentleman, I extended my hospitality; I told her she could spend the night at my place since she had no any other place to go.

I was exhausted from work but nevertheless, I prepared dinner for her and we shared the meal talking like people who had known each other for decades. After we had dinner Melina went for a shower and I was left washing the utensils we had used since I hated a dirty kitchen.

Later on, I showed her to her room and since the following day I was in the morning shift, I retired to bed. I could not help it but clog my mind with Fantasies about Melina, by now any normal man would be burning down due to feelings.

As a man who respects women, I chose not to do what many men would have done. Early the following morning, I woke up early as usual and made breakfast.

I then wrote her a note because I felt it’s unfair to wake her up so early in the morning.

“I have made you breakfast just use the microwave to warm it. Anything you will need give me a call, 0798952111, that is my number.” The note read.

I barely knew her 2nd name but already I trusted her with my house. My shift ended at 3 o’clock, I came straight home and there she was, wearing a booty short and one of my T-shirts.

She was sitting at the balcony, my house was on the 5th floor and the balcony had a clear view of town. She had made the house neat, just like a responsible lady would. This lady was just too good for me, her beauty always blocked my second thought, and any man would want such a lady for a wife.

To cut the long story short, the stranger became my closest friend and she kept me so occupied that I even forgot she had come to visit her sister. I would go to work, leave her at the house and come back later in the evening. After work we used to play around, chase each other and at times go out for dinner together, she was a dream come true.

This went on for a couple of weeks then I got my annual leave from work and so I decided to request my Melina to take me I meet her family, at least I see where she came from, where I was to take the dowry.

At first, she was not okay with it but she could not bear my stubbornness, she gave in and we set a date, the Saturday of the following week.

I suggested we call her home and let her family know that we were travelling to see them but she somehow managed to convince me to let it be a surprise. I was having full days with my Melina; we would do crazy staffs together like going for hikes and also swimming.

Melina was just but the best, little did I know, I just had dug my own grave by asking her to take me to meet her family.

Saturday finally came, sunny and very promising. We got ready for the journey and were set to leave. We took a bus and four hours later we arrived at her home estate.