CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 3

๐Ÿ•‘ 4 Mins

“Hello Marvin, hello Ritah. Uuhm! About that, I forgot to tell you. I already won the case. The state had no enough evidence against me so Diana lost in her own game. As we are talking right now, police are looking for her.” I replied.

“So it’s true, Diana was behind it?” Ritah asked.

“Who else would be so evil?” I asked.

“That makes it better; Marvin took over the case Martin was conducting. I believe he can be of help to finding this evil woman and putting her away from the face of the public.” Ritah said.

“Very well, follow me.” I said.

The two followed me to my office. I told my Secretary to bring us coffee since it was a bit chilly. I then went to my safe and opened it. I got out the recording of Diana confessing to be the one behind the failure of breaks in both cars.

I then took the recording of Max after he shot Ritah. Everyone still thought that Anne was still dead; I decided to keep it that way hence left out the evidence to show that she was still alive.

Before I could play the two recordings, my phone rang, it was Diana’s number.

“It is Diana calling.” I said to Marvin and Ritah.

Marvin took his bag and got out his laptop. He quickly opened it then said,

“Make her talk for at least a minute so that I can trace where she is calling from.”

“Hello Diana, to what do I owe this call?” I asked after I picked up the call.

“I thought setting you up would get you off my way but I see I underestimated you.” She said.

“How could you hire a naive doctor to set me up? She did a shoddy job, left her fingerprints all over the murder weapon.” I said with sarcastic tone.

“I should have killed you when I had the chance.” She said.

“You forgot I got nine lives? You tried killing me once remember.” I said.

“No, Max tried killing you and you managed to survive. Felix just stay away from my life and I will leave you alone.” She said.

“Am sorry Dee but itโ€™s too late, am already deeply involved. I have to deal with you once and for all, you want me dead, I want you rotting in prison, let us see who will win.” I replied.

“You can never find me Felix, no one can!” She said.

“Oh yeah? Letโ€™s see about that then.” I said.

Marvin managed to trace her location. She was in an abandoned warehouse not far away from her Father’s home.

“Call the police and give them the coordinates of her location.” Marvin said.

I took my phone and informed the police about Diana’s location. I then showed Marvin the two recordings I took from my safe.

“I think there is no case for Max. Someone had filed a case claiming that you murdered Max but from this recording, it is evident that he left you with no choice, it was self-defense. I will give my report to my department so that the case can be closed.” Marvin said.

Diana did not expect that we could trace her hiding spot, she was apprehended unaware. The police found her in company of two armed men; they were shot dead after they opened gunfire to the police.

I decided to call Anne and inform her that we had Diana in custody, her phone was off. I tried texting her but the text also did not go through.

James then called and said he wanted us to meet, he had an issue we needed to discuss. I told him to come over to my office since I had no appointments for that day. An hour later, James walked in.

“James, is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yes Felix, everything is okay. I just want us to talk business.” He said.

“Am listening, go ahead.” I replied.

“My contract with Mr. George is expiring tomorrow; I was his attorney and also represented this company.” He said.

“May I see the terms in the contact you signed with him please?” I asked.

James gave me the contract and I read it through. They had agreed to a five years renewal upon expiry.

“James, you are a good attorney. You have already won two of my cases so I think the only amendments we will make in this contract is the number of years the contract will valid and the salary. I want we sign a ten years contract and I give you a ten percent increment in your salary.” I said.

“I think that is a fair deal sir.” He said.

“I want you to be the one handling Diana’s case. When the contract is ready, bring it over I append my signature.” I said.

Diana’s case was the following day, James had to go and get ready for the case. He left the office and I left after him, I needed to go and freshen as well.

The following day, I woke up, prepared myself and headed to the court. Unlike many cases, this one had many witnesses against Diana. They all took to the stands one at a time, it was then my turn. Diana was able to get a good lawyer; she managed to confuse many of the witnesses and made them contradict their testimonies.

James had still not arrived to the courtroom, if he could not make it by the time I was off the stands, the case would be pushed forward to another date since I was the last witness. I decided to give my testimony as we await James since he was the one with the evidence (the recordings).

After I gave my testimony, Diana’s lawyer decided to jog my mind like she did with the other witnesses. Before she could ask her first question, James walked into the courtroom, he was not alone.

Everyone was shocked to see the person whom accompanied him; the judge too was perplexed