CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 9

🕑 4 Mins

The four bodyguards got in to the backseats of the car and we drove into the company. Immediately we got to the front of the company’s building, the car detected seven other active weapons inside the building.

From the location the car was, only three were in a place visible enough to be targeted by the car, I targeted them and the car once again did a marvelous task

“Three down, four more to go.” I said.

“Sir, the other four cannot be taken out from the car, the four of us have to go in and take them out.” Christian said.

It was the last thing I wanted but it was the only way out. Christian stared at me for a while, he could see it in my eyes, I was scared.

“Sir, we survived worse than this when we were working for our country, we got this. It’s a piece of cake Sir, will be back even before you know it.” He said tapping my shoulders.

He then took his bag and removed the mysterious jackets, he had seven. He took one, gave the other three each his and left the extras with us in the car.

“Sir, you two will need to wear the jackets as well.” He said.

“Christian before you leave, I will need your guns serial codes. I want to register them to the car’s system so that I can be able to distinguish your weapon from theirs.” I said.

I registered their guns and they left. Ten minutes later, the four hostiles remaining were all down. After it was all quiet and calm, I decided to go to my house in the rooftop and pick up something.




AUTHOR: George Haman