CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 9

🕑 4 Mins

“Are you okay sir?” Christian asked.

“We are fine Christian, the car managed to hold them back although they crippled its tyres.” I said.

Victoria regained her consciousness though she still looked frightened.

“Christian, we need to change the tyres which were hit and then go pick the other two cars. We need to get out of here with the three cars, I have a safe house we can stay for the mean time before we take action on Diana.” I said.

“Sir, have you called the police?” Christian asked.

“No cops this time round Christian. You are ex-military, you and I both know that the chances of someone escaping from the kind of correction facility Diana was being held are zero. It must have been an inside job.” I replied.

We changed the two punctured tyres then Christian went towards the gate.

“What are you doing Christian? Where are you going?” I asked.

“Sir, we have to open the gate so as to get the other two cars.” He said.

The gate could not be opened from the outside hence Christian had to jump over the electric fence to get in and open the gate. After he got in, I heard gunshots. I quickly looked at the screen in my car and saw four active weapons. They were moving but after another round of heavy gunfire exchange, only one which was moving, it was around the gate.

The gate then opened and Christian walked towards my car from the gate holding his gun.

“What happened in there?” I asked.

“Sir, we are dealing with trained professionals. Were it not for my military training I would be dead.” He replied.

“The four of you, get into the car, this car is our only way in.” I said.