CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 9

🕑 4 Mins

“Then who are? Why were they after you?” She asked.

“It’s a long story dear.” I replied.

“I have all the time in the world, am a good listener, go on.” She said.

I took a deep breathe, I wasn’t sure if to tell her or not. I feared she would be mad at me after I told her the truth and on the other hand, if I don’t and she finds out later, it would be worse.

“Okay, I was once the driver. I used to drive around a certain rich family which happened to have two daughters. One of the daughters was bad news; she hated me with a passion.

One day, she tried killing me and her sister and she ended up killing her father. Her sister left me her share of her dad’s property and went abroad after she was mistaken to be dead. She had to play dead to rescue her life. That is how I came to be rich and met your mother, she helped me pin down the evil daughter.

We managed to get her behind bars and life was all peaceful again; until she escaped prison. Now she is after my head and yours too for being seen with me. It will take her no time to realize Ritah is your mum and she will want you dead too so as to hurt your mum. That is why we had to leave.” I said.

Victoria was speechless. I could see fear allover her faces, her hands were shaking.

“Vickie, I have bodyguards, they will keep us safe and I will keep you safe, I promise.” I said.

My promise made her relieved a little bit, that was all I needed at that moment, Victoria to be calm.

We arrived at my company; I hooted the car and waited for the security guard at the gate to open up. No one opened the gate, I hooted again louder and waited, still no one opened the gate.

I sensed something was wrong, the soldier at the gate never got out of site from the gate. I switched off the headlights and backed the car to the highway. Before I could drive off, I heard a gunshot.

Before I could drive off, I heard a gunshot. I then felt my car bend towards the left side; my left back tyre was hit. I could have managed to drive off with one flat tyre but a second shot was fired and the left front tyre was hit too. Victoria was scared to death.

“Don’t, worry, only the tyres are not bulletproof.” I said to her.

I had my gun on my waist and something no one else knew except me and my mechanic, my car was like a warship. I locked the doors, lowered Victoria’s seat then pressed a button beneath the steering wheel. A keyboard appeared from the dashboard and a screen too.

The car would detect any active weapons within a radius of fifty metres; on the screen the location of the weapons not registered to the car’s system would be displayed. The best part was that the car would detect if the weapons were a threat or not. The person who shot the tyre must have been a sniper positioned more than fifty metres away from the car because the car had not yet detected the riffle.

The car then started detecting some active weapons approaching. I took my phone and told Christian to keep off since we were under attack and if he arrived and corked his gun, the car would detect it and that would put him at risk since his gun was not in the car’s database.

“Christian, I can handle this, don’t come near the company; just get me four spare tyres for the new Audi.” I said on the phone.

So far, the car was detecting seven active weapons approaching. I entered the password and the car gave me access to its armor. I could hear it open the chambers containing the weapons. I targeted the locations of the active weapons being detected and fired.

I could hear men groan in pain as they drop to the ground. I then head footsteps running away. They were about two or three people running away. They never expected I could be heavily armed. It was all calm for about twenty minutes; Victoria had passed out due to freaking out.

I took my phone and called Christian.

“You can come now, I think it is safe. Christian, I am not sure yet if they are all gone so be careful.” I said and hanged up.

I loosened Victoria’s clothes and gave her first aid. I then drove the car slowly off the highway and parked it at the roadside. Few minutes later, Christian and the other three bodyguards arrived.