CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 Episode 8

🕑 4 Mins

It was about time I got myself a wife, I was getting tired of waiting for Anne; I had seen one in Victoria. I just had to make her realize how special she was and treat her like the queen she was.

“You know what, on second thought, I am not going home. I was to leave after the shower but the truth is, I can’t recall when last I was this happy beside a stranger.” I said smiling.

“I see someone is falling in love with the stranger.” She said smiling back.

We looked at each other for some time then we kissed, it just came naturally. I then grabbed a pillow and started a pillow fight.

“If you win this fight, I will give you a present, anything you desire.” I said getting off the bed.

“What I desire is to have a man like you in my life.” Victoria said.

“Win the pillow fight and I will honour my promise.” I said.

I definitely was falling for her hence I let her win the fight. We stayed in bed telling stories about ourselves and things we loved, Victoria lying on my chest.

I got bored of staying in bed and suggested we go watch a movie. It was around 10pm, on a Friday night. While enjoying the movie, I head a car halt at Victoria’s gate. After a few minutes, the bell rang.

“Did you expect any visitors today?” I asked.

“No I did not.” She said looking at the screen connected to the CCTV camera at the gate.

Inside the car, there were two men and one stood by the gate, he was the one ringing the bell.

“Do you know these guys?” I asked.

“No, I have never seen them before.” Victoria replied.

“Switch off the lights in the house.” I said.

“Why should I do that?” She asked, looking shocked.

“Just do as I say, trust me on this one Vickie. Switch off the lights and go to your room, lock the door.” I said.

Victoria did as I had told her and left me in the common room. I then followed her to the bedroom, I needed something there. I came back to the common room, grabbed my coat from the seat, took Victoria’s teddy bear and put the coat on it.

I then placed the teddy bear on the seat next to the door, dressed him with a cap and sunglasses. I then took the TV’s remote and went to the window. I peeped and saw the three jumping over the gate and got in to the compound. Two were armed with guns and one was holding two knives.

I could hear them pick the lock and within no time, the door was open. The 1st guy to get in tiptoed towards the teddy bear I had dressed like a human and put a gun on its head.

“Put up your hands or I spill your brains allover.” He said.

I had a clear view of him, it was action time. After I found Betty in my house, my gun went with me wherever I went. All along the gun was in Victoria’s bedroom but she had no idea there was a gun in her room