CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 7

🕑 4 Mins

“I pity her, she was having her driver and now she has another man!” Victoria replied.

“She had a rough day, trust me; you can’t blame her for this. After you know what happened earlier today, you won’t even judge her.” I said.

“What happened?” Victoria asked with curiosity.

“Let us get out of here first; we don’t wanna ruin her evening too. Dan is a nice guy; she is in good hands Vickie. Is there a backdoor we can use?” I asked.

“Yes there is.” Victoria replied closing the front door.

We rushed to get to the backdoor before Ritah and Dan got to the front door. Ritah opened the front door and got in, Dan followed. From where I stood, I could see them clearly, they started kissing.

“Vickie, can you please hurry up with the door? We don’t wanna witness what’s about to happen here.” I said trying to help Victoria open the backdoor.

The door opened and we slowly got out of the house, we went to the car and I ignited the engine. The best thing with the car I was using, its engine was a quiet flow; you would not hear the engine running unless you are about seven metres from the car.

Ritah’s gate could be opened with either a key or a remote, Victoria used the remote to open the gate. She had taken the remote on our way out since then gate would open silently when opened with the remote.

We drove off and our next destination was Victoria’s place. Victoria asked me to help her carry the beer she had bought into the house, I couldn’t mind helping her. Immediately we got into her house, rain started falling.

“Why don’t you hang around and wait for it to subsidies?” Victoria asked.

I had nothing important to do at my place and I also disliked driving when it is raining, I agreed to stay since I needed company anyway.

Victoria offered me a bottle of beer, the beer we had bought just few hours ago, she then excused herself and went upstairs. This lady had a beautiful house, the theme of the house was Pink and blue, her décor was super beautiful. The floor finishes were so smooth are well polished, compared to my place, I was in Paradise.

I was too lazy to polish my floor; instead I would cover it up with carpets. The carpets would go months without being washed, my décor was nowhere near anything beautiful and I had no theme in that house.

The challenge posed by Victoria’s house got me thinking, I needed a wife like ASAP. I finished the bottle of beer and took another one; it was halfway when Victoria came back downstairs. She had changed her outfit and wore a short and a crop top.

“You hungry?” She asked.

“Did not have lunch today.” I replied winking at her.

“Let me make you some meal as an appreciation for the help today.” She said heading to the kitchen.

I took the TV remote and switched on the TV, as usual I switched to football, there were two huge teams playing. Victoria prepared some pasta and marinade chicken, She also made some greens to make the meal a balanced diet. After the dish was ready, I helped her set the table.

I would steal a stare at her and always I would find her eyes on me. She was stretching to place a plate on the table when she tripped, I grabbed her and I tripped too, we fell on the carpet that was around the dining table.

Victoria fell on top of me and I fell on the carpet. I was holding the plate she was trying to put on the table, I grabbed it before it fell off her hands. We stared at each other for some time then she smiled sitting on my belly.

She bent and kissed me, I didn’t resist; I kissed her back. Just then the gate bell rang; she had to go see who was at the gate. A few minutes later she came back holding a box.

“Pizza!!!!!!!” She shouted smiling.

I got off the floor, went to her, and stood behind her. I then crossed my arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

“Dinner is getting cold Vickie.” I said.

I helped her serve the food and we started eating. If someone met us that evening, they would think we were a couple married for years. I barely knew her but somehow her charms made way to my heart. I felt like I had known her for ages