CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 6

🕑 4 Mins

Victoria suggested before we go to her place, I take her to her mum’s; she wanted to pick something she had forgotten at her mum’s house. I could not turn down such a beautiful lady; I took the exit to her mum’s place.

This would be my first time to step my feet into Ritah’s compound, I never liked going to people’s homes, more so business related. Victoria had the keys to both the house and the gate, Ritah was not home yet. Since I wasn’t sure for how long we were to stay here, I decided to take the car to the parking.

Ritah had two parking lots, one behind the house and the other was under the house, I went to park behind the house.

In the house, Victoria served me a glass of wine then went to look for whatever it was she wanted. She later found what she was looking for and we were on our way out.

We had barely gotten out of the house when a car drove in. It was a new car, no registration plates yet. Victoria and I stopped at the door and watched what the people in the car were up to. A man seated on the driver’s seat got out of the car and opened the passenger’s seat next to his seat. He then helped a lady get out of the car.

We could not see their faces clearly but I could tell, the two were drunk but the man was not drunk as drunk as the lady.

They started walking towards the house; that was when I saw their faces, It was Ritah and Dan.

“Hey, it’s your mum and a certain tycoon who helped me some time back, we need to go.” I told Victoria.




AUTHOR: George Haman