CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 6

🕑 4 Mins

Betty was so shy, just the previous day she was trying to win back my heart, then less than twenty four hours later; here she was, with another man.

“It’s not what it looks like ma’am.” Zac said.

“Then what is it?” Ritah asked.

“I can explain ma’am.” Zac replied.

“Explain what Zac? Explain how you played me like a kid so as to make another woman happy? How you are using my wealth to please other women?” Ritah asked with a bitter tone.

“No ma’am, it’s not what you think. Nothing happened, I promise.” Zac said.

His lie was just too cheap, I couldn’t hold my smile. If only he knew I was in the next room and could not sleep because of them, he could not be telling that lie.

“Give me my car keys Zac, your services are no longer required.” Ritah said.

“Ma’am please I need this job.” Zac said.

“Oh yeah? If you really needed it, you would not have done what u did.” Ritah said, snatching the car keys from Zac.

Ritah hired someone to drive the car Zac was using back to her home, she then bided me goodbye and left, she followed behind with the car she came with.

I looked at Zac, then at Betty, lacked words for them and went to my car. I drove off to my office and tried to concentrate on my job.

I tried to focus but all I could do was picture Zac and Betty in the next room, their noises lingering inside my head over and over again.

I decided to watch a football game so as to get my mind off those thoughts.

I was enjoying the match, since the team I was supporting was leading, when I heard a knock at the office door. I did not want any disturbances hence I had locked the door from inside.

I muted the TV and went to unlock the door.

I unlocked the door and there she was, Betty holding flowers. She tried faking a smile but I knew her too well to distinguish her true smile from the faked one.

“What’s the meaning of this Betty?” I asked.

“I wronged you Felix; I should not have gone out with Zac.” She replied.

“Betty, you are a grown up, you have the right to choose whoever you want to date. You are no longer my girlfriend so you owe me no explanation. Unlike Ritah with Zac, am not firing you as long as your work here is up to standards.” I said.

“Thank you sir, you are the best.” She replied.

“Betty, piece of advice as a friend, just settle with one man. You might lose your prince while you are busy searching for him where he isn’t.” I said.

“Thank you sir, I will heed to your advice.” She replied feeling shy.

“The flowers, just keep them or give them to my secretary, she will put them on the reception desk. Now if you don’t mind, I got some work to do.” I said.

Betty left the office and I locked the door and continued with my football game. I could not really tell what my heart desired, it was torn between taking Betty back and letting her go for good.

I decided to go home early; I needed something to calm my head. When I got to the house, my beer was out of stock, I had to go and restock the fridge. I took my car keys and drove off to the supermarket because I needed some shopping too.

Almost all of my house amenities were out of stock and needed replenishing. I had a trolley full of shopping; it had been long since I had gone shopping. While pushing the trolley to my car so as to load the shopping to the trunk, an apple fruit fell off the trolley.

When I went to bend and pick it up, I knocked someone with my head; she was trying to pick the apple for me as well hence our heads met when we were both bending.

“Victoria, right?” I asked having a good look at her.

“Yes, you must be Felix.” She replied smiling.

“Am sorry for hitting your head, I had not seen you ma’am.” I said shaking her hand.

“It is okay Felix, it was just an accident. Call me Victoria, I love it that way.” She said.

“Okay Victoria, headed for shopping as well?” I asked.

“No, am looking for a mechanic, my car broke done.” She replied.

“I can help with that, I got a guy who fixes my cars, his garage is just a kilometer away, let me contact him.” I said.

I took my phone and called the mechanic, he took about ten minutes to get to us.

“Sir, I will have to carry the car to the garage with my truck, it needs some parts changed.” The mechanic said.

“By when will it be ready?” I asked.

“Two weeks or three tops.” He said.

“That’s long, why take three weeks?” I asked.

“Sir, this car is a rare model; we will have to import the spare parts.” He said.

We had no choice, I offered to drive Ritah’s daughter to her place then proceed to my place.

The mechanic loaded Victoria’s car to the back of his truck and left. I then unloaded the shopping from the trolley and loaded it to the trunk of my car.

Victoria got in to the car and we drove off. I really needed beer in my house hence we had to pass by a liquor store.

“Victoria, I hope you will not mind a stopover at the liquor store.” I said looking at her.

“Actually I was to pass by the liquor store as well.” She replied smiling.

We stopped over at the stores; I bought dozens of beer and put it on my car’s behind seat. Victoria as well bought a couple of bottles and we drove off