CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 4

🕑 4 Mins

Before she could go on, I received a video call from Anne. I got up and said;

“Your honour, if I may please; I am receiving a call from someone who is important to this case and Jane needs to see.”

“Who is calling?” The judge asked.

“It is Anne your honour.” I said.

Everyone got confused. They all knew Anne was dead, except me.

“But Anne is dead?!” The judge said.

“No, they killed the wrong girl. Anne managed to escape and got out of the country.” I said.

“Go ahead, pick the call and put it on speaker.” The judge said.

“Hello Anne, how are you?” I said after answering the call.

“Am fine dear, I found you tried contacting me, am sorry, I was at a meeting where phones were prohibited.” Anne said.

“Yes I did, it is okay Anne, I understand. I have someone who wants to speak to you.” I said giving Jane the phone.

Diana could not believe it, neither could Jane. They both were shedding tears. Jane was shedding tears of joy while Diana was shedding tears of guilt and regret.

Anne explained to the court everything that had happened, how she managed to escape and how her friend, Joy, died in her place. James then gave the evidence showing Diana confessing to the crimes, her lawyer had nothing else left to help her.

Diana was sentenced to life imprisonment and all the property left to her by her dad was left under Jane’s care. After the verdict was passed, I personally drove Jane to her home, my bodyguards followed from behind in the other car.

I hired a driver for her and employed someone to take care of her until she was fully recovered. I also gave her the BMW and I made arrangements for her husband’s Lexus to be brought back to her home.

The whole of that day I had not gone to my office, Christian and the other three bodyguards had to escort me to the office.

Christian decided to be the one driving and since I had left the other car with Jane, one of the other three bodyguards sat in the front seat and I sat sandwiched between the other two at the back seat.

We passed by a car dealers’ shop and I purchased two cars since the Lexus Mr. George gifted me was still upcountry and we could not be using one car.

The court had ordered that Diana’s Audi would be given to Jane. The two bodyguards seated behind with me were the ones to drive the new cars to the company.

I checked out how things went on at the company while I was away and after I was satisfied with the job done, I decided to go home