CHANCES OF DESTINY -sn 2 episode 2

🕑 4 Mins

“So it was all a set up to blame me for the murder of the agent?” I asked Christian.

“Yes sir, someone is trying to set you up.” He said.

“Christian, you were in the military, I want you to get me the best private investigators in town; we must get to the bottom of this.” I said.

Christian left the office and went to research on the task I had given him. I then called James and told him everything that had happened. James decided to come over to my office to watch the clip Christian gave me since it was not safe for me to share it via the phone or computer.

All along, Christian was recording everything happening from the moment I wore the Jacket he gave me. At the hospital when he tapped me twice, he activated all the cameras in the jacket hence he saw and recorded everything that happened in the ICU after I got in.

I got off the call with James; then there was a knock on my door, two ladies walked in. One was Ritah, the other one I had never met her.

“Hello Felix, meet Victoria, my daughter.” Ritah said.

“Hello, pleasure meeting you Victoria. Ritah, can I speak to you in private please?” I asked.

“Why? Is everything alright Felix?” She asked.

“Yeah, I just want to show you something.” I said.

My office had a study room, we went to the study room and left her daughter seated next to my desk.

“Someone is trying to set me up for the murder of a government agent, he was killed in the ICU, lying next to Jane.” I told Ritah.

“What is the agent’s name?” Ritah asked

“I saw in the news that his name is Martin.” She said.

“Wait, what????!! You mean Martin was murdered?” Ritah asked, looking shocked.

“You know him?” I asked.

“Yes, he was the agent investigating the case about Max and Diana.” She said.

“Oh! I now see why am being framed for his murder, Diana wants me out of her way for good.” I said.

“We need to find Diana and settle this once and for all Felix.” Ritah said.

“I am wanted by the police; they believe I committed the murder.” I said.

“Have you called James?” She asked.

“He is on his way right now actually.” I replied.

“I have a friend who can help; I will get back to you.” Ritah said getting up from the seat.

They left with Victoria then Christian walked in. He was accompanied by a man and a lady.

“Sir, these two are the best private investigators I know of. They are both ex-military intelligence police.” Christian said.

“Very well, give them all they require, we need to know what is going on and who is behind all this.” I said.

The three left the office; I called my secretary and told her to inform me when James gets to the reception. I decided to go to my study room and do some personal things as I wait for James. Few minutes later, James arrived. I gave him the clip from the jacket’s cameras. He watched it several times; saying nothing.

“I hope you did not touch the knife.” He said.

“No, I just touched the button Christine told me to push.” I replied.

Before he could say anything else, my secretary walked in.

“Sir, there are people who want to see you.” She said.

“What kind of people?” I asked.

“A man and a Woman. They claim they know you and they need to talk to you right now, they claim it is urgent sir.”

“Let them in.” I said.

My secretary walked out and then the two come in. I had not seen any of them before. The way James stared at them, I was sure he told had not seen them before.

“Which of you is Felix?” The man asked.

“I thought you told the secretary that you know Felix at personal level?” James asked.

“Sir, who among you is Felix?” The man asked again.

“I am, I am Felix.” I said.

“You are under arrest for the murder of Martin.” The lady who had accompanied the man said.

“What evidence do you have against my client?” James asked.

The man reached to his pocket and got out a paper, he gave it to James.

“We have a court order to arrest him.” He said