CHANCES OF DESTINY – sn 2 episode 12

🕑 4 Mins

Victoria and the other three came; I introduced them to the newly engaged couple and ordered for a bottle of Champagne.

“Let us have toast for the two lovebirds about to get married.” I said.

We toasted and had a small party. We later retired to our rooms to get some rest. I was so tired; I decided to take a shower before going to bed.

I was enjoying the warmth of the water in the bathtub when I saw Victoria walk in to the shower room with a towel around her body. She walked towards the bathtub, dropped the towel and got into the bathtub as well. I tried to resist doing something stupid but this time round, I lost and she won.

“I never said thank you for saving my life.” She whispered to my ears enjoying the feeling.

We took almost two hours in the shower; I couldn’t get enough of Victoria. We later went to bed and slept. Early in the morning, the next day, I got a video call from Anne; I got off the bed quietly and went to the washroom to take the call.

“Hi there, how are you?” I said picking the call.

“Hi too Felix, am fine thank you. You look sleepy. What time is it there?” Anne asked.

Before I could answer her questions, I heard Victoria waking up too.

“Darling, who are you talking to in the washroom?” She asked.

“I am on a call dear.” I replied to Victoria.

“Oh! Am sorry, you never told me you had company. I will see you soon, we need to talk, am travelling back tonight.” Anne said and hanged up.

I got worried, the very day I gave in to Victoria, Anne decided to come back. Either way, she already knew I had moved on, I had to wait for fate to take its course.

Betty and Zac were getting married the following day. Victoria, my bodyguards and I spent the day before their wedding helping them to set up everything in preparations for the wedding. We managed to set up everything and finally the D-day arrived, the day Anne was flying back home and the day Betty and Zac were getting married.

The couple was to be carried in my ‘warship’ car, Victoria, my body guards and I used the other two cars. Kyle was the one to drive the couple. At the sermon in church, the priest asked if there was someone against the marriage.

There was a moment of silence then I stood up, everyone turned and looked at me. I walked to the altar, took the mic and said,

“Keep calm everyone; I had something I was to read to the couple before they tied knots.” I said