CHANCES OF DESTINY – sn 2 episode 11

πŸ•‘ 4 Mins

We went to the rooftop, took Victoria and the other two bodyguards and got into the elevator connecting direct to the garage. Victoria, Christian and I got into my car -the warship- and then the other three took the two cars remaining.

“Sir, these two will remain to handle the police then Kyle and I will escort you to the hospital.” Christian said.

We left the two with one car then the one to accompany us followed behind with the other car. I was taken to the hospital and the bullet was removed. While still on the hospital bed, I got a text message.

“Hello Felix, we need to talk, it is urgent.” The text message read.

The text message was from Betty. Christian and Victoria then walked in to the room to check on me, Kyle was left to patrol outside.

“How are you feeling dear?” Victoria asked.

“Am fine, am feeling fine.” I said.

“Sir you are a strong fighter.” Christian said.

I smiled and said nothing. I then recalled that there were two guards clearing my mess at the company.

“Christian, any updates on what is happening at the company?” I asked.

“Actually they should be here anytime Sir, everything is settled.” Christian said.

“Good, I need the four of you to escort us somewhere.” I said.

After the other two bodyguards arrived at the hospital, I checked out of the hospital and we left, we were headed to a hotel.

“Dear why are we going to a hotel instead of home?” Victoria asked when we got to the gate of the hotel.

“Since the threat to our lives has been eliminated, we need a change of environment; we require a serene surrounding to calm our minds.” I replied.

Back in my mind I knew that I wanted to meet Betty and know what she was up to, but I could not leave Victoria at my place hence I decided to take her with me to the hotel. Victoria and I, we checked in to an executive room and I also paid two extra rooms for my four bodyguards.

I ordered a room service since Victoria was hungry and she did not feel like going to the restaurant.

“Vickie, I will be back let me go to the reception and check something out.” I said to Victoria and left.

I took Christian with me and we went to the restaurant to meet with Betty. She was with her new fiancΓ©e, Zac. Christian and I sat next them and we both ordered for a cocktail.

“Betty, what was so urgent that I had to hurry out of the hospital?” I asked.

“Oh my goodness! Are you sick?” She asked, looking shocked.

“No, just a little scratch on my leg, nothing much.” I replied.

Betty then looked at Zac; she then shifted her eyes to me then to Christian, I understood what she meant.

“It’s okay, he is my security detail and besides that, he is now my family, whatever you have to say, you will say it in front of him as well.” I said.

There was a moment of silence then Zac got up, Christian followed and stood up too.

“Sir, I think it is okay if I give you a little bit of privacy. I will be on the next table.” Christian said walking to the next table.

“Excuse me guys, I need to use the washrooms.” Zac said.

It was all a plan to leave Betty and I to have a private talk.

Betty looked at me with shy eyes then said,

“Felix, I know you loved me but I messed up. I do not deserve to have you back and that is why I want your blessings.” She said.

“Blessings on what?” I asked.

“Zac wants to marry me, before we get married; I needed to be sure that we have your blessings.” Betty said.

“Betty, I am actually with someone, she is in the room as we speak; you always have my blessings.” I said smiling.

Betty could not hold her joy; she got up and hugged me, Zac then came back to the table.

“Christian, call Victoria and your men, tell them I need them at the restaurant please.” I told Christian.




AUTHOR: George Haman