CHANCES OF DESTINY – sn 2 episode 11

πŸ•‘ 4 Mins

We walked in to the office, my bodyguard behind me with a gun on my head and dressed like the guy I killed on the stairs. I was holding the USB disk in my palm. Diana was carried away by the USB disk in my arms; she did not recognize my bodyguard. He shifted the gun from my head and shot the guy holding Christian hostage. Diana grabbed her gun but before she could take the short, I snatched it from her hands.

“It’s over Diana, I got nine lives; you can’t kill me.” I said pointing her gun on her head.

Diana started smiling; I could not fathom why instead of being scared she was smiling. Before I could realize it, she drew a gun from my desk. I saw it when I was too late; she shot me in the right leg. She was aiming for the chest but I reacted quickly and pushed her hand down hence got shot in the leg instead.

The bodyguard who accompanied me shot her in the chest and I added her three more bullets out of anger. Diana dropped dead. Christian removed his shirt and tied my leg. He then told the other bodyguard to call the cops as he helped me get up.