CHANCES OF DESTINY – sn 2 episode 11

🕑 4 Mins

I had changed the location of my pistol from the waist to the shoes and held the short gun was in my arms. We surrendered our guns but I never gave out the pistol. The two men beside her searched us to make sure we were unarmed but none of them thought of looking past the bottom line of the trouser, the biggest mistake they made.

“I have waited for this day my entire life. I will kill you myself.” Diana said.

“Am a cat remember, I got nine lives.” I replied, keeping calm.

“We shall see about that. Before I kill you, I want the flash disk you used against me in the courtroom.” She said.

“What flash disk? I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said.

“Playing a fool huh? Don’t try that with me. You either give me the USB disk or I shoot you right here right now and blow down your house’s door with your short gun and tear it apart until I get it, your choice.” She said.

I knew the door to my house was strong enough to hold a blast from a bomb but when I looked at Christian, he winked then smiled.

“Okay then, it is in my safe, I will get it for you. I said.

Diana was left with Christian as a hostage then sent one of the men to escort me to the house. We took the stairs, giving me an advantage to be able to get my pistol from my shoe. I intentionally tripped and fell, I then started rolling downwards.

The guy escorting me was few steps behind, I knocked his legs and he fell. Before he could get hold of his AK47, I had grabbed my pistol and shot him. I then went and knocked at the door to my house.

“Open up, it’s me.” I said.

They opened the door and the four of them -Victoria and the other three bodyguards- came out.

“Are you okay my dear? Where is Christian?” Victoria asked.

“Am fine, Christian is being held hostage in my office. We have to help him.” I replied

I walked to my Television set and unplugged a USB disk which I used to save documentaries, I then took one of the bodyguards. I switched the pistol back to my waist then we left leaving Victoria with the other two guards.

“There is one man pointing a gun at Christian and a lady who is armed too, you take out the guy, I will handle the lady. I killed the guy supposed to escort me back, that will be an advantage for us; you will escort me back to the office and pretend to be him. You will have to wear his clothes.” I told the bodyguard who accompanied me.