CHANCES OF DESTINY sn 2 episode 10

🕑 4 Mins

Uhuh! Slowly, put your hands on your head or I blow your brains to the wall.” I said.

“I killed your brother Max because he tried killing me first; you made the same mistake as well Marvin.” I added.

Marvin was holding something in his left arm, it was a flash disk, it contained everything that had happened since I started working for Mr. George. Without it, I could not be able to prove a lot of things.

He decided to play smart, he tried to go for his gun but I was too fast for him, I shot him on the chest. I then rushed and took the flash disk.

“Everyone who lives by the sword dies by the sword.” I whispered to his ears.

I then got up and headed for the door. Christian came in running; he looked at Marvin and then speared me to the ground. Before I could know what was going on, he had already taken my gun and shot Marvin in the head. I turned and saw Marvin was holding his gun, Christian saved my life.

“Sir, I heard gunshots and came running, I am sorry I didn’t know there was a man inside, I should have gone in first.” Christian said.

“You saved my life Christian, don’t apologize. If you walked in first he might have killed you.” I said, walking out of the room.

We had barely gotten out of the door when I heard screams from the car parked outside. It was Victoria screaming, there was a man trying to break the car’s window. I stood at the balcony and aimed at the guy, he was too far, I could not make the shot. I was not a trained shooter; I could not make shots from long ranges.

“Sir, back at the military I was a sniper, I got this.” Christian said, aiming at the guy.

He fired a single shot and I saw the guy drop to the ground. Christian was one guy who always amused me. Just a revolver pistol with no point of intersection and boom, he shot a guy sixteen storeys away, with a single shot.

“Let us get the hell out of here Christian.” I said.

Just before we got off the balcony, I saw a car pullover at the company’s gate; I got suspicious and took my phone. I called the three guards waiting for us outside the building and told them to drive the three cars back to the garage and take the elevator to the rooftop.

In the garage, there was an elevator connecting direct to my house on the rooftop, I was the only one with access to it. It required the same code as that of the garage since the garage was meant only for my cars. The three bodyguards took the cars to the garage and together with Victoria they came to where we were.

The car at the gate then drove in and six men got out armed. We were not sure if they were the only ones around or not. In my house, I had a control room connected to the main control room in my office; from there I had access to all cameras in the building.

I usually used the footages from the cameras to evaluate my employees since I could see what each and every one of them was doing.

The six men got into the common elevator on the ground floor and were headed to the floor below us, that was the floor my office was located. I had to malfunction the elevator, I told Christian to accompany me to the power room, it was on the right wing of the floor below us.

I took a short gun from the safe beneath my bed and we left, the other three bodyguards were left with Victoria inside my rooftop house. The reason why I came to the house on the rooftop was to take the USB disk from my closet and the short gun.

We had to take the stairs since the elevator was being used by the thugs and the other functioning elevator connected directly to the garage from the rooftop. The elevator next to the one the thugs were using had been shut down for repair hence was not functional. We hurriedly jumped the stairs and before the elevator got to the sixth floor, we were already in the power room.

I unplugged the power to the elevator the thugs were using and they were stuck on the seventh floor.

“Sir, what do we do next?” Christian asked.

“Do what soldiers do, go meet them where they are and take them out.” I replied.

We were nine floors on top of then; we had to go down using the stairs and be fast before they managed to open the elevator. We took them out by surprise, even before they could know it; they all lay dead in the elevator. On our way back to the rooftop, we decided to pass by my office and grab some documents.

“Hello Felix, did you miss me?” A female’s voice asked after we got into the office.

It was Diana’s Voice. I could not see where she was since the office was dark. I switched on the lights and there she was, seated on my seat behind my desk.

Beside her there were two men pointing guns at Christian and I.

“Handover your guns, nice and slow.” Diana said.




AUTHOR: George Haman