Chances of Destiny SEASON 2 EPISODE 1

🕑 3 Mins

“Did you just say you are Anne?” I asked.

“Yes Felix, I said that.” She replied.

“Mr. George’s daughter?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s me my dear.” She said.

“Are you not supposed to be dead? I saw your body Anne, how comes you are still alive?” I asked, shocked.

“I escaped death by luck Felix, right now am calling from England, my father had other businesses there but only him and I knew about it. I decided to leave my share of dad’s property which is there under your care. James told me you already took over the company and it is growing.” She said.

‘”Yes I did but my question is, how did you manage to escape death?” I asked.

“Stubborn as usual, very well then, I will tell you how.” She said.

There was a moment of silence.

“After you got arrested, I called over a friend. We resembled each other so much, one would say we were twin sisters.

The day you heard that I had gone missing, I had gone to the shop together with my friend. While on our way back, a van stopped in front of us and two men grabbed Joy, my friend.

Before they could grab me, I ran screaming, they did not bother chasing me, they just closed the van and sped off. Joy was wearing my clothes that day and was also carrying my purse.

I sensed that something fishy was going on. When Joy was kidnapped I heard one guys say, and I quote “we have Anne, let the friend just go since she has not seen our faces, we can’t risk people noticing us.”

I knew they got the wrong girl, I was the target. I could not come to court since my life was in danger hence I sent James the evidence I had against Diana and I took the next flight to England.

I later saw on media that I was dead, when I saw the picture of my body, I realized it was Joy, she was still wearing my favourite clothes, Felix, the lady you claim to have seen dead be was Joy.

They burnt her face with acid to hide her identity hence I decided to play dead as well. If they discovered that I was still alive, and they got the wrong girl, they would still come after me.

Felix, even James does not know yet that am alive, only you who knows that and also knows where I am.” Anne narrated.

I got mixed feelings, I was becoming fond of Anne, I already was missing her company but at the same time I was feeling guilty of having made love to her.

“Anne, thank you for trusting me, I will make sure that justice prevails.” I said.

“Felix, just be careful my dear. I miss you so much.” She said.

“I miss you too dear one.” I replied.

“Let us talk later, I have something I need to attend to.” She said then hanged up the call.

I was very happy to hear that Anne was alive. I would use the fact that everyone thought she was dead to get vengeance for her friend Joy.

I sat in my office fantasizing about the past moments we shared with Anne, I was really falling in love with her but then fate had decided to take her far away from me. I recalled how she defended me from Diana from the very first day, all the trouble I went through with her, her morning runs, her beautiful smiles, the taste of the music she used to play….

While still getting lost deeper and deeper in my fantasy world, I got a call through the office phone. I picked up the call since the line was for business only.

“Hello, thank you for calling George’s Enterprises, my name is Felix how may I help you please?” I said after answering the phone.

“Hello Felix, my name is Christine, are you the succeeder of Mr. George?” The person on the other side of the call asked.

“Yes I am, why do you ask?” I asked, curiosity building up.

“I am calling from the hospital, it is about Jane, Mr. George’s wife.” Christine said.

“What about her? Is she awake?!” I asked.

“If you have time, kindly come to the hospital, we need to show you something.” Christine said and hanged up.

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