2016 been the Worst year

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2016 has been one hell of a year,  European countries have faced multiple terrorism.
America has been allover with black murders,  people went crazy over a gorilla’s death
People have witnessed the most unserious guy vie us presidency
Asia earthquake n terrorism
Back home in kenya-
If one of the years I’ve lived
And the memory of things have stayed longest in mind is this year 2016.
Both good and bad memories.
You know what they say, bad experiences are remembered alot than the best of experiences. Like they over shadow the whole situation.
I couldn’t remember everything in a chronological order
But I’ll try n list them as to what I felt .
If you think you have a bad day, think some of these i experienced this year.

☘this year started with the death of my
Pet kitten (cats are my favorite)
A brown furry kitten decided to stay warm next to the lighting coal.. When all of a sudden something unexpected happen
The kitty collapses..
Then it started kicking it’s hind legs the mom realises and tries to lick her baby as if trying to wake it
The momy possibly realises that’s beyond her might and meows facing me..
then i knew something was pretty ugly.
I tried to give it mouth to mouth respiration unsuccessfully
Tried to keep it warm cutting the whole story short..
All my efforts were futile the kitty died .

☘School fees – that I can’t give details
It was the final exam of my 1st year the last semester.. School rules require that one complete school fee to sit main exams.. I had just few thousands left.. Unaware that the little balance would not be given mercy.. Tried to plead with relevant authorities but no chance
I was forced to loan the amount from fellow student
I finally sat my exams and passed
It was a tough one
Hope my 2nd year doesn’t happen the same

☘ i got fired –  have you ever been fired just when  you  began your job
That happened to me
It all happened  when I was receiving a call.
I spoilt the machine.
Moral :switch off your phone at work

☘ More to all that trash i went through is all about relationships. Girls ain’t loyal.
Whenever you think you are winning they
Take you back to square one. This hurts.
An article from the standard newspaper says ladies are wired to have a backup.. But why use backup when the time isn’t due?

We still got 3 more months to get to the end. I don’t know what more to expect this time.

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